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Welcome To Rhizo Kids UK

Hello, Welcome To Rhizo Kids UK. We have set up this website to help parents with children that have RCDP gain information and chat to other parents. this website allows you to browse through information on the condition, start chats about things you are unsure of i.e feeding , what happens next and so on. 

There is a great photo gallery feel free to take a look at other children in the UK and across the world that have RCDP. 

We are striving to get RCDP recognized by more people across the UK, which in turn will help with our fundraising for these very special children.

 Since March 2014 Craig Hooper and Friends have being tirelessly raising awareness and money for RCDP, so far we have raised a total of £1145 and we hope this figure will grow, All money will go to the children and help them live normal and happy lives.

Through This Website we hope to get in contact with new parents with children that have the condition so that we can possibly help supply them with critical equipment. for example Temperature Blankets and Nap Nannys.

Hope you enjoy your browse and feel free to contact us at anytime and we will try our best to get back to you asap.

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There are Currently 8 Children in the UK that we know about

If you have any questions or just wish to talk to us please don't worry we are always to help where we can =]
Don't forget to let us know you visited us with our guest book =]

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